Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Welcome Back Thru Dutch Doors

(Traditional Home)
One of my favorite design elements are Dutch Doors. I love how they make an entryway immediately more casual, warm and fun. I have always imagined my children playing, each on a different side of the door - playing store, lemonade stand or ticket booth.
Looking out from a Dutch Door when the top is open is wonderful, as shown above in this fabulous ocean front home from Coastal Living. When we redo our beach house, adding a Dutch door is at the top of my list. So over the years I have collected several images of my favorites.
This natural wood Dutch door, which I found via BH&G, is high on my list of favorites. I love the iron work and my husband Dave, loves natural wood color.
Here is another beautiful entry from BH&G. This Dutch Door is surrounded by glass. Notice the diamond pattern on the sidelights and the transom. Very pretty.
Another photo I have had for some time from favorite designer, Windsor Smith via (Joni at CDT). Though a very neutral space, I love the punch of turquoise brought into the room when the top of the door is open.
Here is another turquoise door I found at Design Sponge. I love how the color of the door is repeated again on the inside of the bookcase.
Another painted door from Coastal Living, this time in yellow. See how Dutch doors add a bit of whimsy and lend a casual feel to a space. This is the type of feeling I am trying to achieve at the beach house.
Brooke at Velvet and Linen has a Dutch door in her gorgeous home. Can't you just feel the welcoming warmth in her house! Beautiful!!
A perfect entry! I adore this shot from Traditional Home. The Dutch door gives the illusion of a larger space. The black painted door, iron work and brick floor are sublime!
Here a laundry room/mudroom from Country Home, achieves the same illusion of space with a Dutch Door and with tile set on the diagonal. Cute dog!
(photo-Jack Arnold Homes)
This door has a lovely arch and X design on the bottom. The door is fully closed, but if you look closely you will see that it is in fact a Dutch door.

This door from Coastal Living also has the X design on the bottom. This seems to be a common element.

(Photo by Eric Roth for Catalano Architects)
You have seen this lovely room before at Willow Decor. It's from our talented friends at Catalano Architects. Notice to the far right a beautiful Dutch door. See the rest of this spectacular home here.
(Country Home)
The next two photos are kitchens with Dutch doors. This is my favorite room for incorporating a Dutch door into the design.

(photo Coastal Living)
In both instances the open top of the door really brings the outdoors in! I love the look but do have concerns with bugs flying in, as I have never seen a Dutch door style screen.

(Delaware Historic Society)
Above and below are two antique doors which caught my eye. I like this first door because I think the scale of the door is very interesting. I like the larger top. I would love to see the entire house but my suspicion is that the house itself is also very grand.

(photo - This Old House)
Finally - this my favorite door of the bunch . I love the color, the antique hardware, the small window and of course how wonderful it looks with the stone surround. Over the next several months I'll be on the look out for an antique Dutch door. If you have a Dutch door, let me know how it "lives" and if you are thinking of adding one to your home let me know which one you prefer.

Also check out Karla's Its The Little Things That Make a House a Home blog. She took an old door she found on the side of the road and created a gorgeous Dutch Door - see how she did it HERE. Thanks so much Karla!!


  1. Ahh...I love this post! I am a big fan of Dutch Doors too! :)

    We have an interior Dutch Door. It was an old, 8 panel, solid wood door that we found curbside! We brought it home and turned it into a Dutch Door. You can check out my post all about it, here:

    Oh, and I LOVE how it lives! :)

    My hope is that, one day, I can have a Dutch Door on my front entry. It doesn't get much more charming than that!

    ~Karla @ It's The Little Things...

  2. Hello, I'm a new follower of name is kathee. I've been a lurker forever! I would love for you to visit my new blog if you have time. Thank you so much for this post! I too love dutch doors! I hope some day they will be in my home also, one in the front and one in the kitchen. I love your blog!

  3. "Charming"....I think that pretty much says it all.....smiles.

  4. I just love dutch doors as well and always wanted one. We finally made our own with the help of our next door handyman. It connects our kitchen to our "mudroom" which is really the dog room as this is where they stay when we are gone. It's a very basic door, but it serves it's purpose of letting cool air or heat into their area during certain times of the year. I did a post about it if you want to look.
    As I said, quite basic, but I hope one day when I live in a different climate (not humid, or buggy) to have one open up to the outside garden. I love all the ones you pictured and wish you luck in your search. Ann

  5. They are just the best and I can't wait to see what you choose! I have some of these images in my "save" collection, but many of them were new and so very unique!

  6. Oh, these are all so lovely! I wish I had a little country house....
    Great inspiration! And these doors must have been so helpful in the days when homeowners lived close to their live stock...aka chicken on the kitchen table or a goat in the dining room?

  7. Hi Gina - These photos make me dream of having a dutch door, but I'm with you regarding the bugs. It is fun to dream though.

  8. it would my dream come true to have one in my kitchen....
    with my horse roaming free outside the door-

    in the morning he would stick his head in the door
    and we could have our breakfast together.
    ....with lots of kisses too


  9. Awww. I really wanted a dutch door in our laundry room, but was talked out of it because of our heat and humidity...and something about doors not closing properly...

  10. I adore a good Dutch Door! There's one in the home that I love (and hope to buy) in Ann Arbor which is where we are moving soon. Hope it's still on the market when we finally sell our house. The Dutch Door was just one of the many charming things about the house that made me fall in love. If I get it, I'll send you some pictures! Thanks for this lovely post.

  11. What a wonderful post! I really love Dutch doors! So nice that you can open half the door, certainly in summer time!

  12. I couldn't have a Dutch door since our golden would leap right out those and the bugs would move right in but they are beautiful.

  13. I have always wanted a dutch door. I love the idea of being able to open the top part of the door while keeping the dogs in the house.

  14. I have never had a door like these but I just love them....xv

  15. Hi Gina - I love these and can so picture it in your summer house you posted about awhile back - pure charm! We had a Dutch door on our first house when the kids were little. I loved having the top open to let the fresh air in, while not allowing babies to get out! The door was royal blue and the house was white shingled cape cod. I still miss it!

  16. Beautiful. We just installed a Dutch door and it is practical where is live in Newport Beach, CA as we are lucky to not have many insects (hope I don't jinx it with that comment) and it lets in the ocean breeze.

  17. Gina, what a fun and educational post. I did not even know they were called Dutch doors. That is how sleepy I am!

    I can see how you would want one (or several!)in your summer home. I might just need to add it to my own wish list. At the top of the list is the actual house! (:

    Love to you.

    W. Sis Mon

    P.S Hope you have good news to tell me.

  18. What beautiful pictures! I can't choose a favorite!

  19. Great collection of photos Gina! I really like them too. The funny thing is that if you have kids and/or a dog or perhaps both, they love to peek out over the top of the bottom half!

    My dog Millie has scared many delivery guys when she suddenly pops up over and gives them a good bark. : )

    I have saved a few to my thanks again for the inspiration!


  20. Gina...somehow I missed this post the first time..thanks for more updates on my favorite kind of doors, we've been using them for thirty years at Banks Design...some of you might be old enough to remember the TV show
    "Mr Ed" with the Talking Horse who stood at a dutch door and chatted with his owner our office we call them Mr. Ed doors!
    Our clients laugh out loud when we introduce one by that name on any project.

  21. Gorgeous pictures. They tell the story, but your comments are icing on the cake. I say we start a campaign to replace all French doors with Dutch doors!

  22. Are there any resources for these beautiful Dutch Doors? Or are they ALL custom ?
    Thanks for a lovely post, Gina!


  23. Yep! Loving this post too!!!!!!!Maryanne xo

  24. I'm late to this post dear Gina, but it's a goodie! Dutch doors are not an Aussie thing, but I think we need to change that. I've always associated them with an entry into a warm cosy kitchen, so seeing your images of them used as a front door has opened up a whole new world.
    Millie ^_^

  25. Fabulous collection of these doors! I'm in LOVE with them and think they add soooo much character. :)


  26. I am trying to find an interior dutch door for the kids' playroom in our house we're building. I love the ones you've posted. Any suggestions on where to find them, though??


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