Thursday, April 28, 2011

Adding Some Patina with Wallpaper?!

Zofanny T Harvey Clock

I am generally not a wallpaper person. I prefer more stark walls to showcase my antiques and artwork. But the Gustavus Collection of papers from Zoffany has me completely in love with wallpaper again. You generally don’t think wallpaper can add patina to a room but let’s have a look. The paper above is called Gustavus and I love the soft faded feeling. It is a perfect backdrop for antiques.

Zoffany Elenora T. Harvey 2

Generally I do not favor florals, but the Elenora paper is just so lovely. Wouldn’t this perfect in a dining room or sunroom? Again, I am in love the muted palette.

Zoffany Elenora T. Harvey

I adore this image – the paper, the chairs covered in nubby linen, the antique mirror and chest – I could live in this room.

Zoffany Medivi T harvey

This paper is called Medici, I love how faded the edges of the design are. These papers really add another layer of depth and Patina to the room. I love how aged they seem.

Patina stlye

Speaking of Patina, congratulations to our friends Brooke and Steve Giannetti of Velvet and Linen for the launch of their new book PATINA STYLE. You can learn more about HERE and pre-order it HERE. To see more of Zoffany’s Gustavus line of wallpapers HERE. Both are great inspirations for incorporating a bit more Patina into your Decor.

(Photos Zoffany – Photo credit T. Harvey)


  1. I'm loving the current wallpapers available, but I've suffered the horrors of wallpaper removal so haven't been able to pull the trigger. Beautiful images! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, I love that Medici paper! I've been toying with using wallpaper in my new house. What I'm afraid of is hanging it correctly. It's been YEARS!

  3. Wallpapers are enjoying a resurrection in recent years, with all those retro seventies designs. Just today I was thinking about wallpapers and came to conclude that they're really not a bad idea. I like the floral design, but the first wallpaper is too ghostly for me. And medici is the best! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh, I have so many of Zoffany's images stored away! They are so gorgeous!
    Love their wall papers!

  5. Love this collection....Zoffany is amongst one of my most favorites!! The ones you chose are stupendously beautiful and I would so put those in my own them all!

  6. I am so happy I found this it! I did a similar post on wallpapers recently, but I think I like the ones you found better!
    Stacy @

  7. Love that Gustavus! Glad wallpaper is making a comeback.

  8. I'm not a big fan of wallpaper either but those images just might sway me! I pre ordered Brooke's book the minute I saw her post....SO excited.
    Happy Friday to you.

  9. How can I find out where to see a sample and buy this paper in the US? It doesn't seem to be available for sale on line, and the Zoffanny site doesn't list anywhere near Miami. Thanks!

  10. As you can image, I'm loving these wallpapers!!!
    I can't thank you enough for telling your readers about our book! You have been such a wonderful and supportive friend from the beginning.
    Thank you, Thank you Gina!

    xo xo

  11. I love the clock and the wallpaper! Cool post, check out also 3D Rendering

  12. Hi Gina~
    I am shocked! I can't remember the last time I really liked wallpaper. Those are beautiful!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  13. The wallpaper in the first photo is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this source!

  14. Gina, I'm completely in love with that Elenora paper - simply lovely, elegant, and beautiful. A gorgeous collection of papers.


  15. Adore the Medici wall covering! Beautiful. Can't wait to get Booke's new book!

  16. Love all of these wallpapers and can't wait to receive my copy of Brooke's book. Pre-ordered today. Mona

  17. I love wallpaper, but you have to know where to use it.

    Lovely post, Tina.

    Have a Happy Day!


    Luciane at

  18. I love everything that has patina. The patina is the ingredient that furniture or walls need to have an elegant style and taste. I have painted furniture and walls and always finished with patina added, is like a caress that remains on the surface. I found beautiful, everything that you present in your blog.

  19. I am not so much a fan of wallpapers either but rather prefer the stenciling of a wall because it leaves you much more freedom.
    These paper though are really beautiful in their optical "fading". Beautiful images!

  20. I love everything about that Medici wallpaper. It makes me want to redo a room just to use it.


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