Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Summer Trip to Italy

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This summer we are taking the family to Italy. We are not “ten cities in ten days” type of travelers. We like to linger in one place and really explore off the beaten path. When Dave and I lived in Germany we spent many weekends in Italy, but because we often drove, we never went too far south.


So this year, we thought we would first take the kids to see the highlights of Rome and the Vatican; and of course the Fountains.


I am pretty excited about our private tour of Villa Borghese.


And then, as they both have been studying Latin and Pompeii, we head to Pompeii to explore the ruins.


But most of our time will be spent relaxing on the Amalfi coast, a place we have never been.


We plan on hiking the interesting trails from town to town.

italy - cooking

Attending family cooking school to learn to make some yummy regional dishes.


In my travel search I came across this fabulous site for renting Italian villas, you can see more HERE. I found an amazing one I wanted to share with you in Positano.


Villa Casa Giusy has the most gorgeous views.


But the inside is equally spectacular – I love the relaxed decor.


Can you imagine living here year round?


The kitchen is just wonderful notice the iron scroll work on the door. I can imagine myself rolling out a big sheet of homemade pasta on that table.


The bedroom is also beautiful. I adore the tile floor. I am so excited to see all the beautiful handmade tiles.


If any of you have been to this area and have recommendations I would love to hear from you. We are so excited and I can’t wait to bring back photos and inspiration from trip. I wonder where it will lead us...

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  1. What a fabulous trip this will be! Hubby and I spent our honey moon travelling in Italy. I loved visiting Roma, the Vatican City and other amazing places. Have a wonderful time!! Enjoy!

  2. you are going to love la costiera amalfitana. I was there last may, surrounded by lemon trees full of lemons and aromas...amazing. Even our hotel was in the middle of hundreds of lemon trees.
    Oh how much I love Italy! Anywhere, anytime...
    Have fun!

  3. This is the number one trip next on my list. We want to spend a month in Italy. I love your idea of taking a cooking course while there.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the postings when you return.

  4. That sounds like a wonderful trip and one I'd like to do with our kids once they are a little older! We are also living in Germany so it was fun to hear you had also!

  5. Oh Gina,
    This will be a wonderfu trip! To me Italy and espicially Rome is the most wonderful place in Europe!! I wish we could travel to Italy this year!! Maybe next year!! I have once visited Rome, years ago and I enjoyed seeing all the wonderful places there. We have a very good guide and I remembered so much of all things he told about!!
    The villa you posted about is beyond words, amzing!!

    Enjoy your trip my friend!

  6. Wonderful !! We were all set to go to Italy in 2001 and world events sadly changed our plans. We never did get to Italy after that and it is still on my (long) list of countries to visit.
    I look forward to all your photos and stories when you return :)

  7. Your going to have a great time...


  8. You lucky girl, Gina!

    I LOVE Italy and anything Italian. Yes, seriously. Speaking the language fluently is still on my list of things I want to be able to say I can before I check in for good!

    I spent 3 months in Firenze trying to get the language going. I ended up playing more but having so much fun.

    I can not wait to hear all about your trip and see all your pictures. Talk about creating wonderful family memories for life!

    Warm hugs,


  9. Wow! Your trip sounds wonderful! I have never been and would love to go. After seeing the movie Under The Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane I have always wanted to go to Positano! The rental you have featured looks beautiful. So many places to go and I feel like there is so little time!

    We are planning a trip to Ireland this summer and will possibly rent a charming home on the water! My grandmother's thatched roof home is still occupied by family and I cannot wait to see where she grew up! Have a wonderful time!

  10. You guys are going to have so much fun! Italy is my dream, so I can't wait to see your pictures!

    Have a great day, Gina!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  11. The Amalfi coast is such a beautiful part of the world. We stayed in a fabulous hotel about 15 years ago called "la fenice" - the Phoenix. I tried googling it and it didn't come up so I suspect it may be no longer.

    We had the most memorable meal of my life when we went on a local fisherman's boat with a group of about 20 to a tiny little fishing village. I don't know what the village was called, but I believe it was only accessible by boat. We sat outside on a terrace over the water - more like a shaded jetty - and drank local wine with peaches soaked in it and ate an amazing succession of dishes. That would be well worth enquiring about. I recall seeing a travel show that featured that exact restaurant so I think you'd be able to find it.

    Have a fabulous trip. I loved Pompeii too. I went there when I was 16 with my family. An old guide was keen on my mother and kept holding her hand and leading us off to off-limit villas and leering at her with his toothless grin. It was very funny and we all laughed about it.

  12. You must get to Capri while you are there. We were in Italy last September, it was fabulous. Enjoy! -Beekeeperswife

  13. I LOVE Italy! Every now and then I watch the movie, "Only You" with Robert Downey Jr. and Marisa Tomei to bring back memories of that magical place. You should watch it - it's adorable! Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures for us to drool over!

  14. You will LOVE the Amalfi coast! Be sure to stop at Ceramiche Casola. It's on the road between Positano and Amalfi. They specialize in handmade ceramics - you can have anything customized. I purchased the plates with scenes of town on the coast - Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento, Praiano, Capri, and Ravello and a set of pasta bowls. Everytime we eat from them I'm reminded of that beautiful place. I would also suggest a private tour of the Vatican and Colosseum. It's the only way to do Rome. We stayed at the St. Regis hotel - It was magnifico!

  15. This sounds like a wonderful adventure! If you have never been to Pompei it is really a special place. There are so many things to see and they are discovering more every year. Rome, with the Vatican museum and the Trevi fountain and the gelato and tartuffo and so many great pasta dishes to sample will also be lovely. Enjoy the family time.

  16. Oh what a wonderful time you and your family will have. Definitely on our list of places to go.

  17. Gina, What a wonderful trip!!! It's so nice to look forward to things. I can't even imagine the sheer joy of your anticipation. It will be so much fun to here all about it when you return. Mona

  18. I think you can catch a ferry straight from Positano to Capri for day trips? If so, that is a must do. As for the ruins at Pompeii, many people think Herculaneum is at least their equal so you may want to do both, and the Greek temples at Paestum are probably worth a few hours of your time, they're just south of Salerno.
    On the way there, you can shop for ceramics at Vietri sul Mare.

  19. Vacation envy majora! I was in Italy five years ago and cannot wait to go back. The Amalfi Coast is the best part. In Positano, I stayed at Le Sirenuse (http://www.sirenuse.it/it/13/homepage.aspx) Try to have dinner there if you can one night, they light their restaurant with what seems like thousands of votives, and it is breathtaking. They also have a signature scent you can buy at the hotel that simply reminds me of being there. There are some restaurants right at the base of Positano that have the most amazing pizza and fruits de mer-- ENJOY!

  20. great info- thx for sharing

  21. Better pack extra undies! I seriously doubt that you will want to come home!
    Xoxo Lisa

  22. I went to Venice, Naples and Rome about 3 years ago and loved everything about Italy. My family is originally from Palena-a place I'd love to go back and visit someday.

    If you have time take the ferry over to Capri and make the hike (or go by boat) to La Fontelina beach-absolutely breathtaking!

    Have fun! Jenna

    Please visit my new blog..I'd love visitors and followers: www.sequinedsunsets.blogspot.com

  23. Cinque Terre is a must! We went to Italy almost a year ago on our honeymoon. stayed in cinque terre for a week and rome for a week. It is about a 3 hour train ride out side of Rome and worth EVERY moment of it!!!!!! IT is a town of 5 towns all 1 mile apart. We stayed in incredible inns..all 4-5 bedroom inns...experiencing the town's culture, the hikes, the day cruises, the scenery, the beaches..ohhh Just extravagant!!! You cant miss out on this!!! We love our hotel in Rome too if you want the name of that! All so recent, might could be helpful?


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