Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My New Kitchen Slipcovers!!!

DSC_0467_2 (2)

Back to school and back to projects that needed to get to done! I am so excited to share with you my new kitchen slipcovers!

Let’s start at the beginning, with two teenagers, a big, hairy dog and an Italian family who loves Marinara sauce; my kitchen was not a perfect environment for my linen, upholstered chairs! We’ve been living with dish towels draped over the seats to catch any spills– not very pretty. I needed some washable slipcovers and I needed them pronto!

coco slips

As always I had an inspiration photo to show my wonderful seamstress (Photo: Things That Inspire). These were close to what I envisioned. I liked the straight lines and the overall length. I wanted something to cover the chair but not be too fussy.

DSC_0473_2 (2)

I also needed the slips to be washable. I found these wonderful oversized napkins from French Laundry Home. I like their “grainsack” look and feel. They were big enough to cover just the seat, so we needed something extra for the skirting piece.


You might remember my wonderful linen blend curtains I found on sale last year at Country Curtains.

Family room

I bought extra fabric for $6 a yard and had these wonderful slipcovers made for my club chairs. Read all about my Family Room redo HERE. Fortunately I had enough fabric left to use for the skirting.


Here is the chair before…(not pasta friendly!)

DSC_0467_2 (2)

And here is the slipcover after! Large enough to handle any spill and simple to throw in the wash!!

DSC_0469_2 (2)

I love the back – I didn’t want any ties.

DSC_0471_2 (2)

The hidden Velcro does the trick of keeping it neat and in place.


The bench also needed a bit of covering up. As much as I loved the Antique printed grainsack I bought from Kym Fraser of 3 Fine Grains, it was much too valuable to be stained with hot fudge!


A quick call to my dear friend, Wendy Lewis of Textile Trunk, and a more reasonably priced antique grainsack was on its way. We took out the stitching on both sides, sewed in the corners and added the ties. Look closely and you can see the fold (that was the bottom of the sack) still in the cover.

DSC_0474_2 (2)

An indestructible and beautiful slipcover!! You can also see the chairs with their new, pretty dresses peeking through!

breakfast room

The lighting was not the best when I took the picture this afternoon, but I wanted to show you how wonderful the new slips look in the Breakfast Room!

Sometimes it seems daunting to live with linen or all white furniture. Slipcovers are the secret! Your kids can eat hot fudge and still live in a beautiful room without worry.

Do click HERE to see the wonderful new stock of antique fabrics available from Wendy at Textile Trunk. She just got back from Europe and you will go crazy!! And get ready to see some kitchens I have been working on, some reader’s renovations I am thrilled to share and some more personal and professional projects I am starting for the Fall!!

So happy to be back!!

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  1. Glad you are back. I like the ladies new dresses and the bench cover. I really like that shelf above your sofa. Love that.

  2. You are back and I love that you shared such an inspirational project.
    Love that linen and wan to add some linen to my home.

  3. Beautiful and practical! I love that you went with short skirts so that you can see the legs on your chairs. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! You made the perfect choice. Such a beautiful project you completed. Thank you for sharing it!

  5. Looks gorgeous!! I think I need to slip cover my breakfast room chairs now :-)

  6. It's perfectly simple and beautiful! I think I need to do something similar in our future dining room. I want it casual yet elegant. Right now, our piano is in that room with two other tables sporting a giant metal clock on adjacent wall. Yep, that's our dining of these days...

  7. They look amazing...the perfect fabric for your room!!

  8. I love what you have done with the slips. I have the same problem -- even though my sons are grown -- and the same fear of marinara sauce, so I am inspired to give this a try. It all works together so well in your breakfast room. I am so happy you are back.

  9. Love these! Your timing is perfect...I was looking at chair ideas today - I just inherited a beautiful table and chairs from my in-laws but they need new life...I can use this idea so thanks so much!

  10. Absolutely Gorgeous! Love, love, love what you've done in your kitchen...........

    The French Hutch

  11. I love the way your whole table looks! Its great!!!

  12. Love your slipcovers!
    I must admit that I'm a little addicted to Wendy's textile trunk.
    Welcome back!


  13. I am in love with your slip covers. The chairs are so cute and the textiles you chose are just perfect...great that they are pasta friendly! I need to check out her trunk.

  14. Welcome back! Great and simply beautiful slipcovers!!

    Linda@Lime in the coconut

  15. Very clever and looks great. Wendy is super fabulous!!! I giggled about the dish towel draped seats. I so can relate!
    Love what you did!
    xo isa

  16. It is perfectly simple and beautiful! I think I need to do something similar in our future dining room. Right now, our piano is in that room with two other tables sporting a giant metal clock on adjacent wall.

  17. So lovely! The slip covers make the chairs look so much more classy. Enjoy the beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  18. Gina, these are so cute! i love them!!!! you did a great job = love the top of them. soo cute.



  19. L-O-V-I-L-E-E! Dare I suggest that a spray of Scotchguard will save them from mishaps. (Automotive Scotchguard is the best type. I use it frequently on placemats. Apply in a well ventilated area and wash prior to first use.)
    P.S: Appreciated the Textile links. Thank you!

  20. These are beautiful. I will definitely go check out your friend's site.

  21. Perfect solution for "pasta friendly" and beautiful too! I always love seeing pictures of your wonderful home. :)

  22. Absolutely love those slipcovers. The velcro closures are genius.

  23. Looks like they turned out just fine! Bring on the Marinara!!!!Maryanne xo

  24. Besides the covers the chandelier attracted me most. Nice post!

  25. What a gorgeous room!

    Bon Appetit!!

    : )

    Julie M.

  26. Oh, I love both the bench and the seat slipcovers! They're perfect! :)

  27. I like the ideas to upholster the bench and chair, the fabrics are wonderful and I may be of interest for upcoming work.


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