Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finding a Niche for a Home Office

Apartment Therapy
I am always so impressed the way designers and architects find small niches for home offices. In my own home , we have a dedicated office space, but my husband often works from home and so it is "his"office. That left me trying to carve out a niche for myself in some other area of the house.
Here are some of my favorite ideas for fitting in an office when space is tight.
Brian Vanden Brink
A quaint space, but look closer and you will see this office is in the bathroom. Not sure how the moisture will effect the computer, but in homes with large baths this is a creative alternative.

Hutker Architects
Have a small area in your hallway? Here is wonderful little space that has been efficiently utilized.

Domenic Mercadante
Here is an office created in the far part of a butler's pantry. Spaces doing double duty!

Willow Decor
Here is where I ended up! I carved out a niche office for myself when I created my Butler's Pantry. It does double duty as a functional pantry, housing appliances, serving pieces and dishes, as well as cabinets to hold internet wiring, printer and family files. Read all about it here.
Apartment Therapy
Is this a closet with a window, an entry or landing? This is one of my all time favorites. I love the the shelf desk and the wonderful natural light.
Centerbrook Architects
An attic alcove has just enough space for a small desk and chair.
Anthony DiGregario Architects
Here is an unusual space at the top of a landing. The owner added built ins for a very efficient space -notice how they wrap around to the right.
. Tittman Architects
This area is not quite as small as some of the others but I included it because it is a space used by two people or one that does double duty. Notice the desk behind the table. Perhaps a shared space or the table is used for crafting.

Better Homes and Gardens
Another small area at the top of a landing or part of a small bonus/loft room.

Country Living
Although this office area is not in a small room; it is in a small space. Interestingly the desk is tucked into the bookcase design, taking very little space up in the room. Very creative!

Restyled Home
Here is a desk area tucked into a pass thru hallway. I like the vertical use of space in this area. The two chairs are also very functional for a parent to sit and help with homework.

This Old House
Of course a well designed closet space can be turned into a wonderful office. Take off the doors and viola - home office!

Steve & Chris
Or leave the doors on and close them if things get too messy. I really like the bulletin and peg boards on the doors for storage and notes.

Apartment Therapy
This is a wonderful modern example of how any space can be turned into an office.

Let me know how you have used an unusual area in your home as an office!


  1. i love the room with the cube wall unit.
    the vintage rattan in the same room is great !

  2. Congrats to you on amazing results from your kitchen and butler's pantry remodel, just gorgeous! I love your new desk space and what a perfect location. I keep thinking mine should be in my bedroom but I'd do less running around if I had a spot near the kitchen.

  3. Love both the Country Living example with the desk built into the bookcase as well as your space! The desk floating in front of the window is wonderful in theory but impractical in my line of work, wonderful for a writer I suppose.

    Btw, I responded to your comment to me on my blog as I was unable to locate an email address to respond to you directly, perhaps it was an oversight on my part? Anyway, thanks for the post!

  4. I've never really given this concept much thought before and here you have provided a plethora of ways that creative people have solved a functional problem with clever solutions.

    It's great to see how people can think outside the box and find solutions to challenging design problems.

    Tricia - Avolli

  5. Love these, I like the niche in the end of the hall...very smart & smart looking!

  6. Oh your Butler's Pantry! Every time I see it, I swoon! You know, we finally have a dedicated office/study in this new place and I am already seeking out just a little niche for me somewhere... must be my peasant roots. I am drawn to 'small and cosy'. I love the 'This Old House' example...tucked away but still oh so elegant and traditional. A-M xx

  7. I love an office in a small space. My office is in what I think is supposed to be a walk in closet off my bedroom - very cosy, cute and functional! I love your examples in this post! Tracey xx

  8. Thanks so much Gina for a wonderful post. You have given me the greatest idea...honestly...i swear to you...i think i am going to move my computer into the bathroom or the pantry as they are the only two places in my entire world that i ever find myself ALONE! Now, thanks to you, i just might be able to do it in style!
    Have a great weekend.

  9. I love the butler's pantry with your work space. I am going back to read about it and will keep it in my files for my next house - what a great idea!

  10. Oh my! I loved every one of those. Of course, you KNOW how I feel about that butler's pantry of yours. :) Loved the BHG table with painted legs. Such a great idea. These were great!

  11. Lots of great ideas here - I especially love the floating desk in the last photograph! I'll have to look at our home for all the new possibilities it holds :-)

  12. That small corner with a blue chair is pretty fabulous. A perfect spot to work, where one can always take a peak outside too. :)


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