Saturday, June 6, 2009

Slettvoll Summer

all photos from Slettvoll website
To kick off the weekend I wanted to share are the most recent photos from the Slettvoll Summer Catalogue. As you may recall Slettvoll is a case goods and upholstery company that has several locations in Norway and has recently opened 3 new stores in Sweden. They have over 23 stores and have been in business since 1951. It's sort of Norway's' equivalent to Design with In Reach. Lets have a look! Their furniture has clean fresh lines and compliments antiques.
Upholstery uses all natural materials like cotton and linen.
Many pieces are offered slipcovered.
Notice the contemporary lines of the coffee table mixed with the the texture of the aged walls and sisal rug; it looks great with the antique ladder back chairs. They have recently launched an outdoor furniture line with weather resistant fabrics.
Isn't this a lovely garden room? Notice the pattern of the tile floor and the addition of the free standing antique architectural columns.
More photos of the garden room
Slettvoll also offers a sleeker, more masculine line
I find the swivel chairs very interesting. I would love to use those in a porch or sunroom project.
Five simple sectional chairs create an inviting conversation area. Again these pieces are covered in the new weather resistant fabrics.
Slettvoll style is clean and easy on the eyes -I wish they would open a store in the US.


  1. Gorgeous, a lot of it reminds me of oka direct, a company in the UK that stocks similar style furniture.

    I am now off to loook at their website.....

    Bon weekend


  2. I looked all your wonderful pictures. Huh huh :)

    Ainosofia (Finland)

  3. These are such clean and refreshing, yet comfortable interiors!

  4. I would love those two pots sitting on the table in between the ladder back chairs! Love it.

  5. I really love the Bergere chair and the striped pillows. I don't know why. I think it's the beautiful linens and cottons. Just naturally beautiful!

  6. * ME, TOO! (Re wishing they'd open some stores here!)~~~ Fabulous!

    Linda in AZ *

  7. I love blue/white and yellow with a touch of green, it is fresh and always young and so stylish! Great pics!
    Happy Sunday! Victoria

  8. Very beautiful,
    I would like to place an order for the handsome fellow in the last two pictures! Pam

  9. The furniture is lovely. The style doesn't make a huge Scandinavian statement though and the photo styling feels very American. I wonder if this is intentional or if I am alone in this observation.

  10. I just absolutely am in LOVE with their style!!! thank you.

  11. They have the most gorgeous pictures. I particularly like that sun room with the antique architectural columns - it breaks up the expanse of glass without blocking the light.

  12. I love the clean lines.. and that they can be easily incorporated into any design .. And that crisp white.. can't go wrong..

    I am thoroughly enjoying your blog.. but selective commenting..:-)


  13. While Slettvoll is typically Norwegian this is a look that one sees internationally. A lot of homes in South Africa favour this style, particularly Cape Town.


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