Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Decorating with Antique Grainsacks

Everyone who regularly reads Willow Decor knows my love (obsession?!) with antique grainsacks. So can you imagine how excited I was when textile artist, Kym Fraser, of 3 Fine Grains sent me photos of her new Antique Grainsack Holiday Collection.
Kym transforms authentic antique German grainsacks, hessian and french jute into gorgeous pillows and throws, but what to do with the small scraps of the precious material that is left over? Well Kym has designed these extra pieces of history into the most wonderful Christmas ornaments and stockings.
Above is her Christmas star made out of French Hessian with real antique glass buttons.
Another star fabricated from a striped German grainsack.
One of my favorite designs is the Dove. This lovely little gem is made from 100 year old antique linen and an antique glass button eye.
Hanging in front of the Dove is an antique button over an antique spoon ornament.
Here's another one for that special mother in your life - (I hope my children are reading this!) Plain small hearts and large hearts are also available, as well as partridges. Kym's ornaments range from $10 to $15.
My other favorite items in Kym's Holiday Collection are her antique hessian and French jute stockings.
They come with a ruffled or striped cuff made from 100 year old antique linen. The striped stocking is $65 and the Ruffled $75. Surely Santa would appreciate these beauties and pack them full of goodies!!
Finally, an antique German grainsack finds new life as Christmas tree. Contact Kym directly for more information on this one of kind item. Notice that Kym also used jute upholstery webbing as garland for her tree. You can learn more about using jute upholstery webbing in home decor in my post here. Now here is the exciting part; contact Kym between now and December 6 and mention Willow Decor in comment line and you will receive 10% off your purchase. If you are interested in any of these items please contact 3 Fine Grains. Happy decorating!!!


  1. This collection is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Jaw-dropping beautiful!!! Love it all!


  3. I bought a bolt of webbing a week ago to use on my staircase and tree. Looks like it wasn't an original idea after all. ;-) Her collection is beautiful!

  4. Love everything! So beautiful, well designed and one of a kind. Gifts I think anyone would love to receive.

  5. *Hi, Sweetie!

    The FAB vintage fabrics & the WONDERFUL, CREATIVE ways Kym used them means I have truly DECIDED on what I am doing w/ the smaller, live Christmas tree in our "new" master bedroom... Oooooh, can't wait to go over there & place my order & then receive them!!! I was THINKING "simple" and "natural"~~~ these are DELIGHTFULLY PERFECT for that vision!!!

    Since I broke my brack (in two places, no less!), there will be no "decorating" this Christmas, no big dinner for 80 or ANYTHING!~~~ and I've been so down about that! I DID, tho, ask my sweetie if we could put a smaller, LIVE tree in our bedroom & just put some simple things on it (not requiring him to go to the storage garage and rummage thru those gazillion boxes for ornaments, decos, etc). Since I'm stuck in bed recouperating almost 24/7 (except I DOOOO get to come to the study & read my fav blogs a few times a day, THANK HEAVENS!!!) a tree, simply decorated w/ all of these & a few tiny white lights to enjoy it better at night, is something I'm reeeeally looking forward to~~~ that will be soooo nice!

    SOOOOOOOO, thanks sooo much for sharing this info, kiddo!

    Linda in AZ *

  6. Those are wonderful - I love them and want them all - but especially the final tree.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Very cute and rustic!
    Hope you had a great TG!
    xo xo

  8. I love the fabric in old grain sacks. I was given an old, beautifully patched one in Japan with the stipulation that I "used it." It's a warm peach color (natural color) and sits on my couch as an accent pillow.

  9. I love old grainsacks as well and these are just gorgeous. I love the ruffle on the stocking cuff and that dove ornament. Thanks for bringing these to our attention!

  10. Sooo beautiful!! Love it!

    Thanks for sharing:)


  11. Oh my goodness.. these are absolutely incredible. I love that she has taken this particular fabric and made something so spectacular out of it. I love anything different and this is wonderful!!! I'm heading over to her site now. Thanks for sharing.. hugs ~lynne~

  12. love them, so cute - can't wait to make these kind of things over the years with my kids!

  13. what a wonderful collection of ideas for grain sacks! Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

  14. I just love those burlap stockings.
    Never would have thought to use grain sacks.
    How clever.


  15. Every time I see a grain sack now I think of you!

  16. Just looove those JUTE STOCKINGS...thanks soooo much for sharing them! Hope you have a FUN week!


  17. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the stockings and all the rest of it for that matter! What a cute tree!(ornaments usually make me anxious)She is very talented. Thanks for the enlightenment!

  18. These are beautiful decorations! Kym is so talented!

  19. Oh what beautiful photos! I love the simple yet elegant! ~Lisa

  20. Lovely decorations and the Christmas Tree,wonderful!

    Deirdre G

  21. What a wonderfull things ....have you a shop?

    Laboratorio Delle Fate Italy


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