Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Mystery of Sag Harbor!

I have been doing some cleaning this week and purging unused computer files of saved photos. In my quest, I came across these wonderful photos of Sag Harbor which I saved last April. But, here is the problem, this lovely home has no home, link, photo or decorating credits. I only labeled them Sag Harbor when I saved them. I was so taken with this beautiful home I was sure I would never forget where it came from and of course I did forget. So, if any of you recognize this home please let me know so I can acknowledge the wonderful architect, designer or photographer.
Take a look at this living room! It has so many wonderful features. First, the over all feel of the room is so comfortable. I think the mix of antiques, accessories and small tables are very interesting - clearly the people who own this home are well traveled as the mix of found objects seem to come from all over. I adore the linen couches - they have a marked Belgian feel. Also note the French antique chairs and the Swedish style daybed. I like the use of black in what feels like a very neutral decor. The black tables and iron candlesticks are obvious,but also look at the french doors which are boldly painted black. Further inspection and we find iron curtain rods, fireplace screen and a pie rack used as a room divider.
I can't really make out what material the window shades are - is it an antique canvas? or an antique stenciled linen? In any case they are very unusual. I also find the mix of upholstery out of ordinary, but I like how it all works together.
One of my favorite items in this room is the Trumeau mirror but mixed with Chinese lanterns is very unexpected and a bit edgy. Again black curtain rods and hooks hold linen drapes and lanterns.
Moving into the kitchen we see black cabinets and slate flooring. Upon closer inspection we see the upper cabinets nearly disappear because they have been painted white. The marble adds a richness and we see the french door in this room has also been painted black. Clearly this not a historic home - could this have been a renovation?
Here is a bedroom - I really like the black beds - do we see a trend here? Also notice the grain sack pillows and what looks like postal sack or flour sack pillows.
Another bedroom- could this be the Master Bedroom? Headboard is ticking and really like how they did NOT do ticking on the bedskirt or pillows. I love ticking but a little goes a long way. Grain sack pillows look great and Swedish bench and table are sweet.
It looks like this is the view out from the living room. A lovely pool - I adore the cast iron planters.
Hopefully we can solve the mystery of Sag Harbor. If anyone recognizes this house or knows its story please do let us know; for now we will just enjoy a job well done!


  1. I'm enjoy the lanterns hanging off the curtain rods!

    ... that is my old kitchen trick: espresso/black on the lower cabinets only, and all white from the counter top and up. It always looks both clean and anchored, which is all we ever want in a kitchen.

  2. I forwarded this link to my brilliant and talented designer friend who works out there in the Hamptons, Robert Stilin...if he didn't do this, he might know whose work this is..I do ADORE it 100 percent!
    my idea of a perfect retreat..it's really quite original in my book, and very chic and very personal.. I could move right in..Thanks for sharing!

  3. oh my gosh I adore so many of these rooms! Just thinking of how to incorporate in my very differently styled house. Thank you for sharing!

    Also wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award, if you haven't had one recently?

  4. This is HCD---Heiberg Cummings Design. Their website features this project under their Residential projects. This project being titled Sagg Road.

    I have also admired their work for years. Check out their website for more information:www.hcd3.com


  5. I don't know who but I love it and understand why you saved this home....gorgeous, xv.

  6. Gorgeous home! Love the black painted cabinets and doors! Tracey xx

  7. A beautiful home. Love the mix of furnishings.

  8. I can see why you saved this one. A lovely home, love the dark & light hues .....the bedroom, & the livingroom.

  9. I think that home is gorgeous. Love everything about it. I can see why you saved it. -Cristi

  10. the chinese lanterns are just great.
    real fun!!


  11. Wow, what a gorgeous home. Yes, I always do that too - thinking I will remember. But there is too much internet traffic in my brain! xo Terri

  12. Regradless of where it came from, I am just glad you saved them, so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Beautiful rooms, just love the colors and textures, so very restful and comfy looking.

    blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault


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