Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sag Harbor Really Sagg Road - Mystery Solved!!

Thanks to a wonderful reader the mystery of of Sag Harbor is solved!! Actually the true title of this home is Sagg Road and it is the the Hampton's summer home of architects Bernt Heiberg and Bill Cummings of Heiberg Cummings Design. Their home was featured in the July 2007 issue of Home and Garden.
Interestingly, this home really has many of the popular trends we are seeing now but was completed in early 2007. A great testament to the vision and design aesthetic of Heiberg and Cummings.
Here is another view of the dining area, which we had not seen. I love the mix of chairs and the mix of woods and painted pieces.
They also design furniture, and have a collaboration with the famous Hodnebo company in Norway. The corner chair is an example.
If you are interested in seeing more of their very impressive work you can visit their website at Heiberg and Cummings. Also to see the original article as it appeared in Home and Garden click here. Finally, to read another post from WD on Heiberg and Cummings, another Hampton's home and more about Hodnebo click here. Mystery solved!!


  1. I really admire HC's work and have done a few posts on them too. I had not seen these particular images of their summer home so thanks for sharing! Deborah

  2. Love this home! It's so peaceful.
    Bloggers are the best at solving mysteries.
    I'm off to check out more of Heiberg and Cummings beautiful work.


  3. such a beautiful & calming home. would love to get away there for a month over the summer...

  4. Now if Santa would leave me a ticket to Sag Harbour in my stocking!!!
    Ness xx

  5. Thanks for the tip - such a glorious home. Calm and beautiful. xo Terri

  6. comfortable and not too fussy...very nice!

  7. beautiful home! love that corner chair.
    thanks for stopping by:)


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