Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Peek into Linda Banks' Kitchen

Over a year ago I introduced you to one of my favorite Interior Designers, Linda Banks. Linda's work is probably not new to many of you as it has appeared in Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Renovation Style and Maine Home and Design. Shortly after the post, Linda contacted me and I was able to let her know directly how much I admire her work.

Linda provides her clients both architectural design and interior design services, a perfect blend to create breathtaking homes. She also has a wonderful store in Falmouth, Maine called Simply Home. So imagine my delight when a few months ago Linda contacted me and asked if she could send me some of the images of the new home she was building for herself in Maine. I was thrilled!
Over the next week I will show you the entire house, but today let's focus on the kitchen and the adjoining dining/sitting areas. Above is the kitchen - notice Linda's signature, classic coastal style.
I love her palest of blue cabinets that are made to look like free standing furniture. Notice the scalloped apron on the bottom and the legs. So charming!
Here is another closer view. I really adore windows above a sink and these make a real focal point. Notice the boxed out crown moulding above the windows, it frames the windows like furniture. Others might just put a straight line of moulding across the ceiling, but these small architectural details are what sets Linda Banks apart. A peek into the pantry. You know my obsession with pantries and it seems they are getting very popular these days.
Another notable detail is the backsplash of the sink. Notice the curved stone sides which give the sink area a built in old-fashioned look.
Again notice the the crown molding above each refrigerator and cabinet area. The symmetry of this space is very pleasing to me. The butcher block counters on either side of the stove are functional and beautiful. Note the scalloped apron side cabinets, which are fashioned to look more like furniture. I also like Linda's choice of muted blue subway tile.
Moving to the opposite view of the kitchen, we see the stairway to Linda's art studio/office loft.
A zinc desk! Isn't this an incredible find! Linda loves mixing vintage items, and an old favorite item that I have long coveted is her antique barber pole. I see she has moved it here from her mudroom/back entry of her old Iris Hill home.
This view is the breakfast area/keeping room; looking into the dining room. I love this open space. A perfect spot for cereal or in the winter venture over to the club chairs with your coffee and be warmed by the fire. The antique sign, muted chest and breakfast chairs add the perfect texture to the area.
The palette is soft and neutral with out being cold. Whites, blues and taupe's abound. It is important to also notice the scale of the items in the room. The over-sized antique sign and large andirons add drama to the both the walls and the fireplace.
The walls are what Banks calls "nickel beadboard" grooved so a nickel can slide along. This deeper more over-sized groove, as well as beefed up crown mouldings, give the home more substantial and an "older home" feeling. The blue ceilings, overall color scheme and accessories add a more contemporary edge.
The mix of the two creates a beautiful space. The flooring was stained dark, but light enough to let the grain of the wood show through.
The Dining Room is small, so Banks built in a unique buffet space. Anchored with interesting lighting and an antique map it becomes a wonderful focal point.
Banks' attention to detail does not only lie in her architecture. Notice the beautiful detailing on the dining room chairs above and brown welting on the chairs below.
Keep an eye out for the rest of this fabulous house!! Thanks for sharing it with us, Linda!


  1. oh my gosh i just can't say enough!!!! i just LOVE her style!!! her home is perfection!!!! everything from the 2 club chairs to the pale blue cabinetry-- I just love it all!!!

  2. Beautiful, I thoroughly enjoyed this post! I just had my kitchen cabinets painted white, for resale, but if I had my way I would have painted them pale, pale green. I love cabinets that are painted a color, subtle but definitely a color.

    I too have a love for big walk in pantries and a huge window over the sink.

    Great post!

  3. Gina..You lucky girl!!! I love Linda Banks. My very first post when I started my blog was about Simply Home. Be sure & tell her how much we all love her incredible designs & comfortable, casual sense of style! What a lovely gesture for her to contact you and for you to share with all of us!

  4. What an amazing home. I love her work and attention to detail. I absolutely love her kitchen and will save this post for future dreams!

  5. WOW this was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. Must enlarge each picture to study the details. Very nicely done. And I completely agree about the architectural design plus the interior design- a noticeable difference.

  6. What beautiful and inspirational photos. I especially love the zinc topped desk. Would you happen to know if it's an antique, a vintage piece, or new? Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sleek, clean, and still feminine, I love it!

  8. Wow just beautiful!!! I love the dark dark floors in combination with the light blue cabinets and white bead board. So fresh, yet elegant. Saving this one for my files!

  9. That kitchen is so lovely.....what I like is the fact that it's not so big that it would be is quite simple and practical but has charm and sophistication.......and a very shallow point , the flowers in the vase are delightful and add a finishing touch .

  10. Breathtaking! So many details to love and of course that zinc desk, I've never seen anything like it. Great post!

  11. This is a great post about a great designer. I have had the good fortune to work with a couple of designers from her office and have found it to be a wonderful, professional and rewarding experience.

    Linda has contributed to the Portland Symphony Decorators Showhouses and her work is always a stand out.

    Tricia - Avolli

  12. Um, could I please just move into this home?? Linda's work is exquisite - thank you so much for introducing me to it!

  13. Yeah, great decoration, I like for all decoration for "The Limit"

  14. Oh Gina, what a breathtaking post! And of course Linda would entrust you with her images, we all think your blog is quite simply one of the best in the whole wide world! I still can't quite get my head around the attention to detail Linda must have afforded the design process. She hasn't missed a beat here, I have taken this as a big lesson, believe me. My favourite feature is the scalloping on the free-standing kitchen cabinets - just so creative & gosh they pack a punch. My 2nd favourite WD post (after your Butler's Pantry transformation, of course!).
    Millie ^_^

  15. Hi,
    Thought I would leave a comment and say how much I enjoyed Sarah Banks' new home. I really loved the over-head lamps over the floating shelf in the dining room. Pretty sure my local light shop would not have those!!! Can't wait to see more photo's. Also loved the attention to detail and you are so right, it makes all the difference and makes things stand out and finishes them off. Always enjoy your posts. Have a lovely day
    Take Care

    Tasmania Australia

  16. Hi Gina, I really liked this post. Everything in the kitchen and adjoining areas is interesting and not "decorated". It seems so many designers are trying to hard and end up with too much of the same and way too many things crammed into a limited space. Just beautiful and very inspiring!

    Have a wonderful weekend~*~kelley

  17. Gina...thanks for introducing me to Linda Banks...I adore her style. That zinc desk - Fab-u-oous! AND I love the breakfast area and keeping room. I actually had never heard of a keeping room until I moved to GA...we didn't have those in California! Beautiful design...I could move in!

  18. And that's just the kitchen!! The zinc desk is an amazing find!

  19. Oh I just love that zinc desk! Great idea for the shelf (buffet) in the dining room. I've been thinking about a vintage map for my dining room and the lighting really makes it.

  20. Thank you for sharing this fabulous pictures. I am so looking forward to seeing the rest of Linda's house. Simply beautiful!

  21. what a beautiful place. I love her use of beadboard and moldings through out her also too and those pale blue cabinets are awesome.

  22. awesome space !!
    how creative it is. i love the zinc work space !


  23. A very lovely home indeed~ I adore the blue hue in the kitchen!

  24. wow! great kitchen!!!

    Also, I've 'tagged' you on my blog on July 18th :-)

  25. Beautiful! Love the subtle pale blue in her kitchen. And the toile patterned chairs around the fireplace. Such an inviting, calm place! cheers, -susan

  26. This is truly the most beautiful kitchen ever....I love the furniture look to the cabinetry in pale blue....and would love to call such a peaceful and welcoming space my own....Thank you for introducing me to this very talented designer...

  27. This is truly a beautiful posting. I will never, as long as I live, create another space without using Linda Banks. Her home us what I am hoping heaven is like!

  28. Gorgeous - wish she'd do mine! :)

  29. Just another beautiful, warm design by Linda. She has designed and decorated a few homes for me and yet I am still always surprised at the new details she creates. Her mind never rests and her 'eye' is almost always perfection. Kudos, Linda

  30. Beautiful! Just come over through House of to explore your blog.


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