Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Showering Outdoors

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I've been spending this week up at the beach and nothing beats an outdoor shower. It is such an efficient way to get rid of sand. After a day at beach my children fight over who gets to take a shower first. If I had known how easy it would be to get my ten year son to shower each day I would have installed one years ago.
Unfortunately I can not show you our new outdoor shower because I forgot my camera cable to upload the photos, but I promise to post it in the future.
For now here are some of examples I used for inspiration when we were designing our own.
This is a free standing design. We went back and forth on free standing versus built against the house - there are pros and cons to both. I really like the trellis top on this free standing design.
cabana luxury housing
Here is another similar shower. This shower is a bit bigger with a built in seat and changing area. But the wood just wasn't for me. I wanted a structure with less maintenance.
coastal living
Here is an interesting shower made of bamboo. The maintenance on bamboo is minimal, but the design just wouldn't fit with my style beach house. We also didn't have any extra coconuts hanging around! heisner
Here is a shower very similar to mine in size. Though I like the lattice work and the trellis above, I did not install either. I also like the blue painted interior. This one seems attached to the house, which I like.
cape cod rentals
Here is the photo I gave to my builder to copy. This shower is the most similar to mine in design. Like mine, it is made of AZEK, which is a cellular PVC beadboard. It looks and feels like wood, but it does not ever need to be painted. AZEK does not chip, crack or splinter and can take the salt water and cold New England temperatures. It is a fantastic product!
And, at the beach we are all about low maintenance!!
Have a great weekend!!


  1. We just got back from vacationing on Cape Cod, which we do every summer. The house we stay at is within walking distance to the beach and has an outdoor shower. It's great because sand doesn't get tracked into the house after a day at the beach. This particular shower also had a changing room on one side, complete with hooks for clothing. I like this because it keeps your clothing dry.


  2. We used to spend the summer at my grandparents on the Cape and used to LOVE taking the outdoor showers. My grandmother wouldn't let us kids back in the house till we were showered off. Theirs was built against the house, with a painted cement floor, red board walls and benches all around.It was under trees and had lots of ivy as well. It did tend to collect spiders, which I didn't love. But the scent of Breck shampoo and Dial soap always brings me back to those showers!

  3. Boy, that last one looks like a place we used to rent in Harwichport. We need to go back there. I hope you had a wonderful time!

  4. I think that any one of them would be lovely......Being British and living in the U.K., outdoor showers are not something that many of us would have but, I have seen them at the beach and outdoor swimming pools,and remember using an outdoor shower and it was a completely different experience........ a very pleasant experience !!!!

  5. I love the last one, can't wait to see pics of yours! Enjoy the rest of your time in paradise.

  6. I love the idea of an outdoor shower... granted we are not at all "beachy" in Baldwin City, Kansas! But, I think that would be so refreshing to be working hard in my garden and then just pop into a shower outdoors just at dusk.... mmmm.... I might have to find a spot in my garden where I can incorporate one, with a bit of privacy. Don't want the neighborhood thinking I am a weirdo!!

  7. Hi Gina, the bamboo one is a hoot - wouldn't this just be the one to catapult you directly into a South Seas romantic scenario???

  8. Hi Gina!

    We have a make-shift one here - it's a necessity being by the beach, but I dream of a beautiful one! I can't wait to see what you did. Love these!
    xo isa

  9. Yes...we NEED them here with salt and heat...I have seen artisitc gorgeous ones, and simple functional. Your images were great!

  10. I'm crazy about these outdoor showers and loved the ideas from this post! Which one is yours? Perhaps I missed it :-) I just started following your blog and am glad I did.

  11. i am also working in the bamboo associated field as bamboo home decor , such outdoor bamboo shower room is really really inspiring and creativity, amazing.....!

  12. Yes, it's great to have an outdoor shower in the summer.

    Unfortunatley my husband decided to have a shower installed inside the summer cabin...I kind of miss it...but then I'm more of a romantic!


  13. love outdoor showers!

    great blog too - glad I found you.


  14. An outdoor shower is on my wishlist - I love yours!

  15. now that is an inviting outdoor shower, not the spider-ridden mess that mine has become and has morphed into a mini-shed...maybe I'll paint the raw wood white as in this pic to freshen it up. thanks for the tip - love the blog. tamara matthews-stephenson

  16. I love taking outdoor showers, and all of the ones you displayed look amazing. I actually really love the wood on the Cabana Luxery House, I think it's really pretty. However, I'm not big on maintence. So maybe it's not for me either.

  17. These are awesome! My family and I always vacation in Cape Cod every summer. I love outdoor showers. They're so relaxing and peaceful!


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