Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Peek in to Linda Banks Home

As promised here is another peek into Linda Banks' new home in Maine. She has wonderfully transformed a 1960's ranch into beautiful "loft meets barn" home.
Looking from the kitchen into the living area we see Linda continues her very neutral palette.
This room also boasts the high ceilings painted in a pale blue.
Wonderful bookcases anchor this room. I especially like the interesting lighting above them.
Architectural details abound. Notice the way Linda made the doorways higher than traditional doorways and beefed up the depth of the entry and exits. These things bring a weight and added interest into the room. I adore this table - It has a more delicate apron than the cabinets but I like how she tried to repeat this feature in the living room. Again her love of antique signs is evident - although the sign above is not an antique and available for sale at her shop, Simply Home.

Here is a wonderful shot of the exterior custom milled french doors. You know I am a lover of the X cross tops! Notice the height of these doors as well.

Here is a view of the exterior of the house.

And a close up of the doors from the outside. Linda added the stone faced exterior. The zinc planters are the perfect scale and size.
Here is a view of the living area from the loft/office space above.

Here we are back in the breakfast area/keeping room looking toward the family room and the stairs to loft/office above.
In the family room looking out toward the keeping room. This neutral room is accented in wonderful, fresh green.

Legumes sign, woven chairs, aged coffee table, an architectural fragment of a column in corner all add texture and visual interest.

I love how Linda placed the antique dressmakers mannequin in the corner.
Lets head upstairs to the loft/office/studio.
Here is an interesting transition in the rooms above.
And here it is from a different angle.
Here is the office area - The pear chairs are very interesting. Also notice the hanging lantern and built in drawers in the dormer. The Guest bedroom is very cozy. This is the only room we see any window treatments at all. Horizontal boards lend an interesting change to the vertical beadboard in the other parts of the house.
A lovely vignette! A wonderful bath - notice that again wall boards are hung on the horizontal. The mirror is an antique from Linda's personal collection.
Beautiful mouldings and star hooks add charm to the Mudroom. Also notice what I think is an interior window - it brings in great light and a feeling of spaciousness.
Finally, another view of the Living Room - The interesting dragonfly mirror is a custom design by Banks and available for sale or by mail via her wonderful shop, Simply Home. Read more about the building and design process in Maine Home and Design.
Thank you Linda, for the wonderful tour of your beautiful new home!
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  1. Linda is simply amazing. I love everything she has done to her new home. Thank you for sharing her beautiful home.

  2. Loving these extra peaks - this is one gorgeous home, xv.

  3. ***** I'm in t*o*t*a*l agreement with "ALL THE ABOVE"!!! Stunning simplicity~~~ What a beauuuutiful talent Linda has!!!

    Do you think she would share info on the FAB blue paint color????????

    Once again, MANY THANKS!!!
    Linda in AZ *****

  4. this is a wonderful post for me as my new home will have almost the same colours as this home (incl dark timber floors), so great to see it done - looks wonderful!

  5. thank you so much - I absolutely love her home and style. I am saving these pics in my dream file!

  6. Gina,
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful home. I am so loving the neutral palettes of homes these days. So many great design elements I need to save in my files!

  7. Oh wow....what can I say...I'm sooo envious....it is just perfect....and ,although I sometimes find the 'all white' look a little uninspiring , this has really got it right with the splashes of colour here and there.... just enough...not too little not too much...Perfect XXXX

  8. Oh.My.Goodness! Can I have a barn-loft, too? I wonder where she found that rustic, french art? LOVE it!

  9. This is a perfect, dream home. Thank you so much for sharing all these beautiful images.

  10. Those overscaled door surrounds are stunning, unusual and unexpected. Even the coat rack has massive pilasters. Thanks for these.

  11. I've browsed all the pics plus the previous post and I cud see myself living quite contently in this home.

    Love Linda's architectural and tasteful details that she's employed. Wonderful house and tour!

  12. What an inspiring home , so many great ideas are now running through my head, thanks ,
    Just Beachy

  13. OMG, do you have any idea how to find out where she got the "Je t'aime plus ..." artwork series? They are BEAUTIFUL!

  14. A few notes from Linda Banks' staff:
    Looks fabulous! A couple of slight corrections; the Je t'aime sign is actually not an antique and is available for sale or to order through Simply Home. The mirror in the bath above the sink is an antique----the mirror in the last photo above the fireplace in the living area is the custom dragonfly one by Linda and available through Simply Home. Thanks so much for the great post!

  15. I just discovered your lovely blog, and much to my suprise, the coverage of Linda's fabulous new home! I worked for Linda many years ago and her attention to detail is terrific. The slipcovers I did for her were featured in the keeping room of the Iris Hill home. BTW, the upholstered pear chairs were from the same home. If you are reading this Linda, greetings from Long Island! Your home is beautiful.

  16. This is one my favorite blog posts ever! I'm so inspired!!


  17. I simply love everything about each of the rooms in this home. What an inspiration.

  18. what a crazy, amazing home. i love all the high ceilings and slopes and nooks and alcoves and architectural detail. i love that french sign too! awesome!

    terri xo

  19. What a stunning house!!!! So many elements to love. Ax

  20. this is such a lovely home....would like to move right in as is....thanks for the amazing post..


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