Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spectacular Pool Houses!

Finally some sun is peeking out from the behind the clouds in Boston and it makes me want to grab my sunglasses and head out to the pool. What better place to recharge than in one of these lovely pool houses designed by our talented friends at Catalano Architects.
This is a beautiful pool house on the grounds of a spectacular home in Barnstable on Cape Cod. I love the roof lines of the building. It really shows off the traditional cedar shake roof shingles The inside of the pool house is perfectly outfitted for guests with a mini kitchen
and family room area. Notice off to the left a staircase to a second level and to the right what looks like a pantry/towel room.
It also houses a wonderful bunk room. This picture may be familiar to many of you as I have shown it before in my post on Built in Beds. This particular bunk is one of my favorites! To view even more photos of the Barnstable main house and interiors click here.

Our next spectacular pool house is only a short drive west of Boston.

Unfortunately, this pool house was not open yet for the season but you can still see the wonderful architecture and design of what clearly is a fabulous pool area. The "great" room is in the center and two smaller rooms flank either side. Notice the cupola and window.

Here is the view of the "great"room. The ceiling is an amazing work of art. Notice the large lantern hanging inside the cupola. You can almost see how wonderful the light plays in this space.

Another angle of the great room which includes a full kitchen, center island seating, dining area and family room space.

Here is one of the rooms flanking the "great" room. I love the use of stone on the interior walls and it is a nice contrast to the "great" room which is predominately wood.
To view more photos of the main house and interiors click here.

Thanks again to Catalano Architects for giving us a private look into these incredible properties. Check out their website for more of their inspiring work!


  1. I need to stop drooling. My, what a beautiful post.

  2. Pool houses - what a wonderful luxurious thing. Pools are very common here in 'Hotlanta' (an apt description of the summers here), but pool houses take the concept into a whole new realm. Wouldn't it be great to have a pool house with a bedroom - so you can have guests but they can have their own space?

  3. I think that a pool house like the ones you have shown will only be a dream....hopefully the lottery will come up trumps !!!!!....These are fantastic and wonderful to look at, even if they are only in my dreams. XXXX

  4. Agree - absolutely amazing pictures! I see a lot of interesting posts below. Will be back tonight when I have more time.
    Greetings from Sweden

  5. Wow, these pool houses are amazing. I really love the first one, especially the built in bunks! Those are some lucky youngsters that get to spend a night in there!

  6. Whoa! Those are some over the top pool houses...
    ooops. I'm drooling!

  7. I could live in a pool house like this! Who needs more? Thanks for some delicious eyecandy....going to buy another lottery ticket!

  8. Wow!! These pool houses are nicer than the house I live in!!

    Love, love, LOVE the ceiling and all the fabulous trim work in the first pool house. And love the circle detailing on the trim inside the cupola in the second one.

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  9. I am speachless, talk about good bones! Thanks for the extra sweet note that you left me. smiles

  10. Yeah, that is big house and great decor including its maintenance

  11. Those bunk beds make me feel 10, again. How beautiful! I love the exterior shots.

  12. Forget pool I'd love just as my house!!!

  13. Dreams do come true -- wow.


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